Our Tire Clearance specials are valid while supplies last. Limited supply on hand.
Prices do not include nitrogen or TPMS, additional fees apply.

* OTD – Out The Door prices include installation, balancing, rubber valve stems, waste disposal, California Tire Fee and Road Hazard.

If you do not see your tire size, please call 1-877-338-2678, and speak to one of our experts.

GOODYEAR P185/60R15 EAGLE LS $75.00 $392.80 B3G1
PIRELLI P185/60R15 84T P4 4SEASONS+ $113.00 $418.50 B2G2
GOODYEAR 195/60R15 EAGLE SPORT A/S $93.00 $462.78 B3G1
GOODYEAR 205/55R16 EAGLE SPORT A/S $96.00 $474.45 B3G1
GOODYEAR 195/60R15 ASSUR COMTRD TOUR $97.00 $478.34 B3G1
PIRELLI 195/55R16 87V P7AS+ $133.00 $491.94 B2G2
GOODYEAR P205/60R15 ASSUR COMTRD TOUR $106.00 $513.33 B3G1
GOODYEAR 225/60R16 ASSURANCE FUEL MAX $107.00 $517.22 B3G1
PIRELLI LT245/70R16 113T S-ATR WL $140.00 $526.72 B2G2
PIRELLI P245/45ZR18 96W NEROAS $143.00 $541.62 B2G2
GOODYEAR 235/70R16 ASSUR CS FUEL MAX $115.00 $548.32 B3G1
BFGOODRICH 215/60R16  ADVANTAGE TA GO $117.00 $556.10 B3G1
YOKOHAMA 235/60R16 100H  GEOLANDAR ATS $146.00 $556.53 B2G2
GOODYEAR 245/70R16 ASSUR CS FUEL MAX $120.00 $567.76 B3G1
MICHELIN 215/45R17 PILOT SPORT A/S3 $125.00 $587.20 B3G1
MICHELIN 195/65R15 DEFENDER GRNX MI $129.00 $602.75 B3G1
PIRELLI 31X10.50R15LT 109S S-ATR WL $157.00 $611.18 B2G2
GOODYEAR P225/60R17 ASSUR COMTRD TOUR $156.00 $707.73 B3G1
GOODYEAR P235/70R17 WRANGLER SR-A(P) $156.00 $707.73 B3G1
MICHELIN 225/45R18 PILOT SPORT A/S3 $158.00 $715.50 B3G1
MICHELIN 225/45ZR17 AS+SPT PILOT $161.00 $727.17 B3G1
MICHELIN 235/45ZR17 AS+SPT PILOT $161.00 $727.17 B3G1
GOODYEAR 225/50R17 ASSURANCE FUEL MAX $162.00 $731.06 B3G1
KELLY LT245/75R16 SAFARI TSR $207.00 $859.58 B2G2
GOODYEAR LT265/70R17 WRL AT ADVT $203.00 $890.46 B3G1
HANKOOK 285/30ZR21XL   V12 EVO K110 $215.00 $899.32 B2G2
GOODYEAR LT265/70R17 WRANGLER DURATRAC $214.00 $933.23 B3G1
BFGOODRICH 35X12.50R15 KO A/T T/A $198.00 $871.02 B3G1
BFGOODRICH LT275/70R17E AT TA KO2 $212.00 $925.46 B3G1
BFGOODRICH LT285/65R18 AT T/A KO2 $272.00 $1,158.74 B3G1


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As always, you can rest easy knowing that our fully trained, ASE-certified technicians will take good care of your vehicle. They will not only walk you through our various tire options and answer any questions you may have, but they will also install your tires efficiently and promptly, getting you back on the road sooner.

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