Wondering whether or not your car or truck needs new shocks & struts? Stop the guessing and visit one of Evans Tire’s 16 convenient locations throughout San Diego County. An experienced Evans Tire technician will check your vehicle and if needed, replace your shocks and struts, an important part of the suspension of your vehicle.

How can you tell if your vehicle needs new shocks or struts? Has your vehicle been riding differently, feeling a bit bumpier or just not right? If so, you should have it checked. One obvious sign is to look for leaking, if you see liquid coming from the shocks or struts then you’ll likely need to have them replaced. Definitely, if you notice damage – due to trailering or towing, you may have had more wear and tear on your shocks & struts then was expected, and may need to upgrade to a stiffer or more rugged product then what originally came with your vehicle.

Make an appointment or stop by one of our 16 San Diego County Evans Tire locations today if you suspect your vehicle is in need of repair. Call Toll Free 1-877-338-2678

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I have been a loyal customer of Discount tires for over 20 years. yet when I saw the recent promotion of Buy 1 Tire Get One Free from Evans Tire, being a retiree anything I can do to save money is important to me. Manny at Evans Tire was very helpful . I was even able to use a coupon for an oil change , something I couldn’t have done at Discount so I saved over $200.00 and was able to get all the services needed done on my car all at once. Thank you !

— Barbara


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