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The Six Best Ways to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

There are aspects to car maintenance than regular inspections and a trip to the car wash. If you take pride in your car, follow these expert-approved tips for an organized interior.


Trash Bag
To keep your car clean, make a DIY trash can to keep the junk from piling up. You can repurpose a plastic cereal container into a trashcan. If you don’t have room for a small bin, you can repurpose an empty tissue box into a trash bag dispenser by filling the box with empty grocery bags. Throw out your trash at the gas station every time you fill up your car. Maintenance is simple by forming routines.


Glove Box Organizer
Keep your important documents together in a safe place with a glove box organizer. This can be a simple folder or a zip-up case. Essentials to keep in your glove box include proof of insurance and registration, emergency contact information, roadside assistance information, the vehicle owner’s manual, car maintenance log, and a pen and paper.


Cellphone Mount
Cellphone mounts are great tools, so you don’t have to go searching for your phone when it inevitably falls under or between the seats. It’s also a great way to access your phone’s maps easily so you can find your way around San Diego without jeopardizing your safety with a handheld device.


Visor Organizer
A visor organizer can hold any cables, sunglasses, spare change for tolls, makeup, gum, pens, or anything else you may need handy in the front seat. Hide your stuff from sight, but easily grab the essentials when you’re at a stop.


Emergency Kit in Trunk
You can be prepared for anything without cluttering up your car with a truck emergency kit. Get a toolbox, or any other storage container, and load it up with your jumper cables, coolant, water bottles, and a flashlight.


Backseat Organizer
A backseat organizer is especially helpful if you have kids. This can hold their books, toys, snacks, hand wipes, and anything else you need to travel with children.


Many of us struggle to keep our homes and cars clean and tidy; we can never seem to stay organized for very long! But with just a little effort, you can keep your car clean and organized. Show your vehicle you care with a little TLC in addition to regular car maintenance checkups.

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