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3 Quick and Easy Tips for Camping In Your Car

A car-based camping trip is the perfect way to spend a weekend during the summer. Whether with kids, a few friends, or just your partner, camping will give you a chance to unplug and de-stress from your daily life. Make sure you plan well in advance, doing everything from stocking up on necessities to adjusting the pressure in your tires. San Diego residents have some great nearby options for camping, or more adventurous travelers might set out for a longer journey around the West Coast. No matter what you have in mind, keep these helpful tips in mind for a smooth and fun camping trip!Men Camping after a long trip from San Diego with new tires


1) Catch up on all routine maintenance needs for your vehicle.

Before you head out camping, make sure you are up to date and even a bit ahead on your vehicle’s routine upkeep needs. Bring it in for an oil change, air filter change, and a rotation of your tires. San Diego is known for its great weather, but once you venture outside of our area you may expose your vehicle to higher temperatures, so you’ll also want to have your coolant and other fluid levels checked.


2) Be smart about what you pack.

Make sure you take plenty of water, since you’ll need it not only for drinking, but also potentially for bathing, first aid, and cooking. Also, pack a few extra blankets for your camping trip. From chilly nights to picnicking in a field, there will be plenty of uses for them. Bring a few flashlights, a headlamp, and extra batteries to power them. Pack a variety of foods since you may be far from convenience stores while camping. You won’t want to worry about driving into town once you’ve settled in at a nice camp spot!


3) Assign responsibilities to campers.

Don’t let your camping trip turn stressful due to a lack of planning about who is going to do what. Instead, talk to everyone about who can take on specific responsibilities related to transportation, set-up, and day-to-day tasks. For example, think about who will be driving, setting up tents, and checking the pressure in the tires. San Diego camping experiences will be best enjoyed when everyone pitches in early on, then enjoys the campfire and outdoor fun together!

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