Your vehicle needs a battery to operate. It is used to start the engine, and gives power to the lighting and other car accessories. It works with the alternator to make sure your entire vehicle gets all the power it needs.

The Importance of a Car Battery

Like a heart, it is constantly pumping a steady stream of life into your car. You need your heart to keep your body running, and your vehicle needs a battery for the same reason. If it is losing charge, gets too cold or too hot, has become dirty, or is just worn out, you may find yourself stranded or not able to start the car.

Why Battery Service is Important

One thing you can do to keep your battery working as long as possible is to periodically clean the grease and dirt that will inevitably collect on the clamps and other components. When there is a dirty connection, the charge to all the parts of your car will not be as strong. We can provide this service, or tell you how you can do this safely yourself. We can also periodically check the current charge, if you don’t have a way to check this yourself. This is important so that you can anticipate when it is getting weak, and not be caught off guard. Many things can impact how your battery performs and how long it will last. One factor is the temperature. Very cold temperatures will force it to work harder, which may cause it to wear out faster. Hot temperatures may cause rust.

Why Choose Evans Tire?

At Evans Tire & Service, we are proud of our customer service track record. Since 1976, our company has served area residents with a variety of automotive needs such as tire repair or replacement, suspension issues, batteries, and more. Our ASE-Certified Technicians are ready to work with you to make your car battery is in good shape, and recommend ways you can help it stay that way. Call or come by and see us at any of our 17 San Diego area locations.

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