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Buy 2, Get 2 FREE on Select Tires in Stock, Up to $250. CALL 1-877-338-2678 NOW!

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Evans Tire Buy 2 Get 2 sale pricing includes installation, balancing, waste disposal, California Tire Fee and Road Hazard.

Prices do not include nitrogen or TPMS, additional fees apply, up to $250 off.

LCR 205/55R16 $39.00 $217.84
LCR 195/65R15 $35.00 $209.20
LCR 215/55R17 $50.00 $241.60
LCR 215/60R16 $43.00 $226.48
LCR 205/65R15 $38.00 $215.68
LCR 205/65R16 $52.00 $245.92
LCR 215/45R17 $48.00 $237.28
LCR 205/60R16 $44.00 $228.64
LCR 225/65R17 $69.00 $294.95
LCR 195/60R15 $36.00 $211.36
LCR 235/45R18 $64.00 $280.91
LCR 225/50R17 $55.00 $252.40
LCR 215/55R16 $44.00 $228.64
LCR 225/45R18 $53.00 $248.08
LCR 185/65R15 $38.00 $215.68
LCR 235/70R16 $70.00 $297.76
LCR 225/45R17 $49.00 $239.44
LCR 215/65R16 $51.00 $243.76
LCR 205/50R17 $46.00 $232.96
LCR 185/65R14 $32.00 $202.72
LCR 235/75R15 $44.00 $228.64
LCR 215/70R16 $52.00 $245.92
LCR 215/50R17 $53.00 $248.08
LCR 245/65R17 $73.00 $306.18
LCR 225/60R17 $66.00 $286.53
LCR 235/45R17 $55.00 $252.40
LCR 185/60R15 $38.00 $215.68
LCR 215/70R15 $51.00 $243.76
LCR 265/70R16 $101.00 $384.81
LCR 235/65R17 $69.00 $294.95

Looking for a tire brand that you don’t see on our website? We carry many more brands and can order any tire you need. View our list of other brands here or call us today.

Our San Diego Top 30 Tires Sale

When it comes to finding an unbeatable tire sale, San Diego residents rely on Evans Tire & Service Centers. The knowledgeable staff at each of our tire shops will help customers find the most reliable tires for their budget. Our list above displays the tires chosen by our staff for their enduring value. For years, Evans Tire has been known as the #1 choice for Tires in San Diego.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of products and services available to our customers, and our Buy 2 Get 2 tires deal is no different. With our high quality, cheap tires, San Diego residents should take advantage of our offer to ensure their vehicles are travel ready! Our affordable prices include installation, balancing, waste disposal, California Tire Fee, and Road Hazard, though additional fees apply for optional nitrogen or TPMS.

As always, you can rest easy knowing that our fully trained, ASE-certified technicians will take good care of your vehicle. They will not only walk you through our various tire options and answer any questions you may have, but they will also install your tires efficiently and promptly, getting you back on the road sooner.

If tires aren’t the only things your vehicle needs, don’t worry! We also offer expert repair and maintenance services. Give us a call or stop by one of our 18 convenient locations to learn more and to check out our latest tire sale. San Diego residents and customers from throughout the surrounding areas agree: the best value can always be found at Evans Tire & Service Centers. Browse our list of the top 30 tires, and if you do not see your tire size or need more information, please call 1-877-338-2678 to speak to one of our experts.