Your car’s suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride. However, if you are experiencing pulling to one side or have difficulty steering, especially when turning or coming to a stop, you may need to check it out. Many problems are easily fixed. Our technicians will be glad to talk with you about what you are experiencing and make recommendations that fit your schedule and budget. We can also recommend some things you can do regularly to help minimize suspension issues with your vehicle.

Shocks and Struts

The shocks and struts are key components of the suspension. If your car tends to nose downward when firmly applying the brakes, or if your car is generally riding roughly, you probably have an issue with these parts. Visit our Shocks and Struts page to learn more about possible problems and how we can help.

Other Suspension Services

We will diagnose and repair any suspension-related issues with your vehicle. If your shocks and struts are in good shape, you could have an issue with excessive grease build-up, need springs or other parts for the suspension, or need steering or other fluid replacements. Our technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation, and spend time talking with you about options for getting your car riding smoothly again.

Why Choose Evans Tire?

Evans Tire & Service has been the place to go for tires since 1976. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our ASE-Certified Technicians will work hard to ensure your car’s suspension is in excellent shape.

Call or come by and see us at any of our 17 San Diego locations. We are here to help you with many of your automotive needs.

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