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8 Bad Habits That Shorten the Life of Your Tires

car tire and wheel well

With time, car tires wear out and require replacement. Some driving habits accelerate tire wear, reduce tire lifespan, and necessitate costly replacement. Learn eight driving practices to avoid to increase your tires’ life, improve your driving skills, and maximize road safety.

1. Driving at Top Speeds  

While speed kills may seem like an old marketing cliché, it is a reality with tires. High driving speed — above the tire’s maximum speed — causes your tires to heat up, resulting in premature wear. Over-speeding also harms your vehicle’s suspension, transmission, brakes, and engine.

2. Improper Tire Pressure

Under- and overinflated tires make improper road contact. With an underinflated tire, for instance, a large surface of the tire comes into contact with the road. Consequently, friction between the road and the tire increases, which results in tires overheating and wearing out prematurely.

You should check your tire pressure regularly — every time you refuel or at least twice monthly. Also, ensure you adhere to the recommended tire pressure. If you are unsure of the appropriate tire pressure, your local tire service center can help.

3. Harsh Cornering and Braking

While spirited driving, such as hard cornering and harsh braking, can be fun, it wears out your tires. Taking corners too fast damages the edges of your front tires significantly. Unless in emergencies, you should brake and corner gently to extend your tires’ lifespan.

4. Failing to Perform Wheel Rotation and Alignment

As the name implies, tire rotation swaps tire positions so that they wear evenly and regularly. Since front tires maintain steering and directional control, they experience more stress and wear. Tire rotation allows each tire to ride in the front, thus wearing evenly.

You should have your wheel alignment inspected during wheel rotation to maintain optimal drivability, attain fuel efficiency, and improve steering. Misaligned wheels can result in premature tire wear and the need to buy new tires frequently. Aligning your wheels helps your tires last longer and perform optimally.

5. Carrying Heavy Loads

All tires come with a maximum weight rating. Exceeding this weight weakens your tires by increasing the pressure inside and outside them. If you carry heavy loads frequently, you may want to consider premium tires to tackle the extra weight.

6. Driving Haphazardly on Uneven Surfaces

Many drivers want to exercise their driving prowess on and off-road. However, driving at top speeds on uneven surfaces such as unpaved, rocky, and muddy roads is detrimental to your tires and reduces their life. Therefore, you should drive slowly and cautiously on such surfaces and avoid any obstacles and road debris if possible.

7. Dry Steering

While dry steering (turning the wheel while the car is stopped) may not seem like a dangerous practice, it puts significant pressure on the tires and rubs them against the rough pavement, resulting in much wear. Whether you are stuck in traffic or trying to pull out of a narrow parking space, only turn the steering when the vehicle is in motion.

8. Ignoring Other Maintenance

A good way to reduce stress and wear on your tires is to ensure you maintain all components between the steering and wheels, from the battery to the filters, coolant, and brakes. This way, these components will perform efficiently to minimize tire impact.

While you can’t prevent all tire wear, you can avoid driving habits that exacerbate it. The best driving habits for your tires are also good for your safety.

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