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8 Dangers of Not Servicing Your Vehicle

Dangers of not servicing your vehicle

With budgets stretched and people’s lifestyles increasingly busy, ignoring car service or postponing it can be easy. Some people argue that the car is still operational and doesn’t show any signs of malfunction, so it doesn’t need maintenance. While not servicing your vehicle is time- and cost-saving short-term, this is both dangerous and costly in the long run. Learn eight risks of ignoring car service.

1. Poor Fuel Economy

With rising gas prices, you want to get as much mileage from fuel as possible. Unfortunately, a poorly serviced vehicle might not do you any good at the gas pump. It consumes more fuel than usual. Simple tasks like inflating tires properly and replacing spark plugs go a long way to enhance gas mileage.

2. Compromised Safety

Service is fundamental in ensuring your car’s safety and optimal performance. However, ignoring service can cause critical safety components such as brakes, engine, steering, and suspension to fail. As a result, you compromise your safety, as well as that of other drivers.

Additionally, not servicing your vehicle increases the probability of a breakdown in a remote location or unsafe situation, endangering you and your passengers.

3. Inconvenient Downtime

You may think that making time to service your car is complicated and inconvenient, especially with a busy schedule. However, more inconvenient is being without your vehicle because it broke down unexpectedly or requires a few days at a mechanic for extensive repairs after you neglected regular service.

4. Diminished Appeal

A well-maintained vehicle often looks good both inside and outside. On the other hand, a poorly maintained one may have scratches and dents that dampen its appearance. For instance, a dented area may have visible and unappealing rust spots.

5. Oil Sludge Buildup

During service, the mechanic checks your oil levels and recommends oil changes. When you skip service, oil sludge accumulates in your engine, hindering smooth oil flow. Consequently, your engine becomes overstressed, and the chances of engine failure increase.

6. Increased Repair Costs

While you may perceive service as an added cost, it reduces greater and recurrent expenditures in the future. Failing to service your car can skyrocket repair costs due to increased wear and tear on car components and systems. Regular service reduces such repairs since problems are caught early, before they wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Also, ignoring service intensifies problems and may damage your vehicle. For instance, failing to replace your fuel filter puts undue pressure on other components like the engine. Consequently, you may have an engine misfire and stalling, as well as poor fuel mileage.

7. Lower Resale Value

A surefire way to reduce your car’s resale value is to overlook regular service. During resale, potential buyers will want to see how well you have maintained your vehicle. A poor maintenance schedule will turn away potential buyers, and those who stay will give a lower price for it. A poorly maintained vehicle may also take a long time to sell since not many people want to inherit overdue issues.

8. Voided Warranty

Nowadays, most warranties require vehicle owners to service their cars regularly. Failure to do this may result in voided warranties. As a result, you may need to pay for repairs out-of-pocket rather than the warranty covering it.

Service is the most basic way to keep your vehicle operating reliably and efficiently and extend its lifespan. Car service professionals examine all vehicle components, such as the engine, tires, brakes, suspension, shocks, and wheels, and diagnose any problems and fix them promptly during service. Regular service is an inexpensive way to avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

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