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  1. Car in the sunset on a road blog image

    Tire Balancing: What You Need to Know

    One small thing that can cause early tire and suspension wear is an out-of-balance tire. Though the tire balancing procedure may seem minor, it is a critical procedure. If tires don’t have regular balancing, then your car’s handling and even …

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  2. What to know about tire wear blog image

    What to Know About Tire Wear

    All tires eventually wear out and need replacement. The rate of wear should be the same for all tires on the same vehicle. However, certain issues cause uneven wear, which, in turn, causes problems as well. Learn more about uneven …

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  3. Essential Worker Tire Giveaway

    Essential Workers Tire Giveaway

    [CONTEST CLOSED] Evans Tire and Service Centers is hosting a social media giveaway as a way of saying “thank you” to San Diego County essential workers, or those who have done random acts of kindness, during the COVID-19 crisis. Four …

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  4. Vehicle turning on a fast track

    Tips to Extend Tire Life

    Your vehicle’s tires experience tremendous amounts of wear and tear, for they’re the only part of the vehicle that is actually in contact with the road. Every mile you drive will necessarily wear your tires down some, but there are …

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