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  1. Common Causes of Tire Damage

    Tires are the one part of a vehicle that touches the road, and because of this, they take a lot of abuse. When you understand common causes of tire damage, you can prevent unnecessary harm and prolong the life of …

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  2. Save on New Wheels

    Sales on car wheels offer obvious savings, but taking advantage of a sale is far from the only way you can reduce the price of a new set of rims. If you need or want new rims for your car, …

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  3. 3 Things to Know About Battery Sulfation

    An automobile relies on two separate yet equally important energy sources. First, gasoline provides the power needed to run your engine and move your wheels. Second, your car battery provides the electrical energy necessary to power everything from your headlights, …

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  4. Techs at Evans Tire Working on Car

    3 Common Causes of Rough Idle

    A regularly maintained automobile engine should run smoothly and efficiently, purring away beneath your hood with few noticeable problems. Yet as an engine falls into disrepair, it often begins to shake and vibrate. You may not notice such issues while …

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  5. Oil Filter Evans Tire

    4 Key Qualities of an Automotive Oil Filter

    Your car relies on motor oil more than any other fluid except perhaps for gasoline. Motor oil ensures that friction levels and temperatures remain as low as possible inside your engine. Yet oil can inadvertently cause damage itself if it …

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  6. Faulty Alternator Symptoms get checked at Evans Tire

    4 Symptoms of a Faulty Alternator

    Today’s automobiles make use of two different power sources: mechanical and electrical. Your engine generates mechanical force through combustion, thus providing the power needed to move your wheels. Meanwhile, an array of other systems from your headlights to your radio …

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