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Car Maintenance 101: What Services You Need And When

mechanic performs car maintenance at evans tires

Not all car owners have the time to learn everything there is to know about their automobile. Most people don’t need to know absolutely everything about how their vehicles operate. Major repairs and maintenance issues are better left to the professionals. However, it is important for every car owner to understand the basic requirements of maintaining an automobile. Essentially, every driver should remember six components to maintain: windows, interior, brakes, fluids, oil, and tires. San Diego drivers can trust the experts at Evans Tire & Service Center for major repairs. For everything else, here is what you should know.

Windows, lights, and mirrors should never be broken. If any of these elements are cracked, you should have them repaired or replaced promptly. Windshields with large cracks can make driving difficult and even unsafe.

Your braking system is essential to safe driving. Most vehicles that are manufactured today must be regularly maintained. Brake pads require replacing often. If you notice that your brakes are not responding the way that they once did, you should have your braking system checked promptly to avoid accidents and injury.

Most drivers understand the importance of maintaining their tires. San Diego drivers have likely all experienced a flat tire at least once. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and that you maintain the recommended pressure. Pressure gauges are affordable and simple to use. Check your pressure regularly.

The interior of your vehicle should be the most intuitive part for any driver to maintain. When attempting to sell your vehicle, the car’s interior will be a major selling point. Keep it clean by vacuuming regularly, make sure the A/C works properly, and keep the seats and upholstery spotless.

Get an oil change every 3000 miles to ensure maximum engine health. Fluids like transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant should be checked weekly.

When you’re ready to get your car inspected for working brakes or an alignment of your tires, San Diego based professionals at Evans Tire & Service Center are ready to help!

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