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Common Tire Problems and How to Fix Them

Common tire problems and how to fix them

Tire problems can be rampant since the tires bear your vehicle’s weight and are in constant contact with road surfaces. Tire problems not only decrease your car’s performance and efficiency but also compromise your safety. As such, you should inspect your tires regularly to identify and fix any issues before they cause costly repairs and replacements. Learn about common tire problems and solutions.

Incorrectly Inflated Tires

Among the most basic vehicle maintenance tasks is maintaining the appropriate tire pressure based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, drivers can overinflate or underinflate their tires, which affects their vehicle’s performance, safety, and tire life.

Overinflated tires cause the central tread to wear out quickly while reducing traction and increasing the probability of a tire blowout. On the other hand, underinflated tires lead to premature wear of the tires’ shoulders. You can fix incorrect tire pressure by inflating or deflating your tires as needed.

Old Tires

With time, your tires wear out naturally and need replacement. The tread on the tires becomes degraded and unable to grip the road surface, thus compromising braking and maneuvering. Therefore, ensure you check your tires’ tread depth. Know what level of wear is the legal minimum so you don’t have to wait until then to replace your tires.


Punctures are both annoying and problematic and can result in wheel damage and poor vehicle handling and control. If your vehicle pulls to one side when driving or you notice a significant difference in its handling, you may have a puncture. Road debris like nails, screws, and broken glass is notorious for causing punctures and can lead to loss of tire pressure.

The best thing about punctures is that most of them are repairable as long as they haven’t damaged the sidewall. A tire specialist or professional mechanic can help with this. However, larger punctures usually call for tire replacement.


One of the prominent signs of misaligned tires is camber wear, whereby your tires wear out more on one side. While this kind of wear is hard to see, you can run your hands over the tire to identify if the rubber is unevenly or excessively worn out. Other signs of misaligned tires are a crooked steering wheel and your vehicle drifting to one side.

Misaligned tires decrease your tires’ traction, increase premature degradation, and pose safety concerns. As such, consider having a tire expert realign your tires to restore traction and promote optimal performance.

Unevenly Worn Tires

Common reasons for unevenly worn tires include incorrect tire inflation, misalignment, suspension issues, and unbalanced wheels. Uneven wear takes different patterns based on the cause of the problem.

For instance, inappropriate wheel alignment leads to excessive inner or outer wear while underinflation results in edge wear. A worn-out suspension can result in cupping wear. To solve this problem, consult with a professional tire expert to determine the cause and fix it.

Bulges and Cracks

Tire bulges mainly emanate from impact damage, while cracks spring from UV rays, degradation, and age. If you drive too fast over potholes and bumps, your tire is likely to bulge. As your tires age, they lose their elasticity and become hard and brittle, resulting in cracks.

Incorrect tire pressure makes your tires more likely to crack or bulge. Fixing bulges and cracks depends on their severity, and a professional mechanic can advise accordingly. In severe cases, tire replacement is necessary.

If you have experienced any of these tire problems, contact the tire experts at Evans Tire & Service Centers in San Diego. We have over 40 years of experience, and our ASE-certified technicians will address all your tire issues.

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