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Dangers of Buying Used Tires

Used Tires Image, San Diego Tires, Evans Tire & Service CentersSome motorists purchase used tires to save the extra cost of buying new ones. However, in doing so, you may end up spending more on costly repairs, as used tires have typically aged and often hold the risk of causing dangerous vehicle collisions, especially on slick roads.

Degradation of Tires

When you least expect it, the wear and tear on used tire treads can result in the blowout or breakdown of your tire. When you purchase a used tire, you typically won’t be able to tell its age at first glance. It may appear to be in good condition on the outside, but the rubber compounds inside may have oxidized. Oxidation occurs naturally in most tires, as oxygen from compressed air attacks and breaks down the bonds in rubber over time. This deterioration begins from the inside, meaning that it is difficult to know how badly oxidized the rubber is once the tire is on your car. Worse, the more unethical used tire dealers will actually apply black paint to their product to make you think that it is newer than it actually is.

Reduced Quality Control

When you buy a new tire, you can be confident of the high level of quality control. The same is not true for used tires, which may have been improperly serviced and maintained. The storage conditions might have been subpar, which can cause damage and subsequent failure. In fact, most used tires are stored in salvage yards and scrap heaps. Safety inspections are not usually performed, and dealers do not have to follow federal standards. What does this mean? Well, installing used tires on your vehicle contradicts the established Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) safety practices for repairing and replacing your tires.

The Disadvantages of Used Tires

You may be drawn to saving money by putting used tires on your vehicle, but first consider the disadvantages and risks of doing so. Driving on used tires is unsafe because you can have a blowout, which may result in a serious accident. Don’t take such chances with your safety or that of any passengers riding in your vehicle. It is recommended that you purchase new tires and have them professionally installed by a dealer with the right factory certification. Have an inspection done regularly by an experienced professional who works at a dealership. This will give you better assurance of safe driving on the road.

Essentially, it is important to buy new tires at a reputable dealership to get the best-quality product. Additionally, most of the service professionals at the dealership are knowledgeable about the make and model of your vehicle and can efficiently install the right tires. If you need more information on the effects used tires have on your vehicle and you would like to speak to a professional, contact Evans Tire. In the meantime, browse our website to see what we offer in professional car maintenance.

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