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Driving Responsibilities For San Diego Car Owners

A car owner’s responsibility doesn’t start and end with driving the vehicle and parking it in the garage. Well, for a 16 year old it might, but for everyone else responsibilities as a car owner extend to the maintenance of your ride. Like all mechanical devices, cars must be cared for properly to ensure that they’ll run well and last more than a few years.

As on the east coast it’s important that commuters have their bus passes and subway cards to travel from place to place, in southern California it’s important drivers have a reliable auto shop to visit for vehicle tune-ups. (If you’re in need of great car service in San Diego by all means give us a visit. We have 17 locations throughout San Diego County and over 60 sister stores combined throughout Los Angeles and Riverside.) For all owners, one pressing question remains; what vehicle service should we be most concerned with?

If you’re thinking oil change, you’re wrong. Most likely drivers are already familiar with the necessity of oil changes and understand their importance every 3-5 thousand miles (depending on the make and model of the car.) So, in actuality, an oil change is not what should concern us the most but rather many other services that most forget are essential to the vehicle’s longevity. Of course, we’re referring to tire rotations; tire balances, wheel alignments, as well as fuel and brake systems checks. These preventative maintenance services are the services you should be thinking most about and scheduling more often than you think.

Additionally, a transmission flush and a power steering flush are two services that many car owners have never even heard of, but remain extremely important to the continued functionality of the vehicle. Specifically, a transmission flush should be important to drivers because it protects the most expensive (and important) component of the car, the engine.

It’s important that trained technicians rather than your neighbor or friend’s friend (who claims to be a car expert) carry out these services. Unless you ‘re completely confident that he or she truly is an expert, we advise you to leave the more difficult jobs to a trained mechanic in San Diego that is both educated and experienced in auto mechanics.

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