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Four Car Wash Tips From the Experts

Car wash image

While we all aspire to have a professionally clean car, we can’t always. It may seem like the only impact of overlooking regular washing and external car maintenance is your car’s appearance. This is far from the truth. Paint damage can be an unwanted side effect of neglecting regular care. Instead of risking this pricey outcome, try a few DIY tips to achieve a perfect shine. Even if your schedule is jam-packed or you’re working within a budget, there is always a way to get your investment looking its best, which is also important for car maintenance.

Bottom Up

If you’re looking to get the most out of your clean, you’ll want to look a little deeper than just your exterior. After all, most of your time (and therefore mess!) is spent inside your car. The damage can often be found on the carpet, which is why you should start with compressed air and stiff scrub brushes. First, get your air compressor going so that you can blow out the deep-set dirt from the floor onto the middle of the carpet. From here, you can easily vacuum up the debris. If you still find the dirt difficult to remove from the carpet, work with a stiff brush. This will loosen the particles. For those with leather seats, you’ll want to nourish the leather with an aloe conditioner.

Roll Your Way Clean

Every time your tires hit the pavement, they pick up unwanted grime and dust. Before you bring out your acid-based cleaners, think twice. If there is acid in your cleaning product, you could cause your alloy wheels to oxidize and pit. The result is color damage or clear-coated wheels, which will increase your car maintenance costs. Make sure to clean your wheels before washing and protecting the paint!

Ditch the Dishwashing Detergent

While hand washing is a pro tip, it certainly shouldn’t be executed with dishwashing soap. While this may come as a surprise, about 60 percent of the population uses this not-so-great method of cleaning their cars. While it may initially look clean, you’re actually stripping the wax coating and exposing your car to nicks, scratches, and stains. Instead, use a car wash solution. Immediately after washing your car, be sure to get it dry with a rubber blade squeegee as water residue can leave minerals and dirt on your car.

Wax On, Wax Off

Finally, it’s time for protection. You’ve put so much time and effort into cleaning and car maintenance, now you need to make sure your clean lasts! Wax allows your paint to fend itself against the elements. A pro tip is that anything more than one coat is a waste.

Regular car maintenance is the key to having a safe and reliable driving experience for you and your family. Regular washing is one of the biggest steps you can take when it comes to maintenance because when your car looks pristine and luxurious, you’ll want it to drive the same way.

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