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Gear Up for the School Year with These Car Care Tips

In the busy days before school starts up again, it’s important not to overlook your car’s maintenance. If you are the type of parent who drives their kids to and from school every day, you need your car to be in top condition to make the trip smoothly. It’s a great idea to take your car to the professionals for a tune up, or to replace aging or damaged parts, such as windshield wipers or tires. San Diego residents trust the professional team at Evans Tire and Service Centers for all of their auto maintenance needs.  We’re proud to offer a one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs.


Gear Up for the School Year with These Car Care Tips

Here are a few important things to check on before the first day of school:


1. Fluid Levels

Take a look under the hood and make sure that your engine is running smoothly. Check:

– Engine cleanliness and oil level

– Coolant or antifreeze level

– Power steering and brake fluid levels


2. Replacement Parts

Many parts on your vehicle need to be maintained and replaced regularly, such as:

– Windshield wipers

Brake lights and turn indicators

– Engine belts

– Spark plugs

– Air filters


3. Body Condition

It’s always a good idea to do a visual inspection of your car every day, in order to check for potential problems that could easily be prevented. For example, check for:

– Leaking fluids beneath the car – brake fluid, transmission fluid, or even gas

– Excessive smoke from the exhaust

– Warning lights, such as check engine or fluid lights


4. Tires

Worn, threadbare tires can create a dangerous situation on the road, so make sure to always monitor the level of your tire tread. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to replace your tires.


-Erratic tread wear



-Bulges in the sidewall


For the busy parent driving kids back and forth from school, sports practice, and friends’ houses, it’s important to make sure the family vehicle is in great shape at all times. The most affordable and effective way to maintain your vehicle is through regular check-ups with a professional. San Diego residents are welcome to visit Evans Tire & Service Centers for fast, reliable service.

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