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How to Choose the Best-Quality Tires and Wheels in San Diego

When people head out to go car-shopping and take a car for a test drive, they normally pay attention to details like the engine, transmission, and suspension. However, many people forgot to check the life of tires or wheels. Quality tires ensure a smooth and safe ride so you can enjoy your new car to the fullest.

Old tires, tires with no tread, or the wrong size tires can lead to a loss of control of your car and often times is the main cause of an accident. Be sure to get new wheels in San Diego every few years from a reputable tire and service center to avoid compromising your safety on the road. If you arm yourself with some basic tips on how to choose the right set of wheels for your car and how to properly maintain those wheels; you’re tires will last longer, perform better, save you money on replacements, and will ultimately ensure your safety while driving.

You should also consider the tread life before purchasing new tires by checking the Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating. This rating is mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation which requires each manufacturer to establish ratings for the tread wear, traction, and temperature resistance for their tires. The tires San Diego car owners prefer and the tires we recommend to southern California drivers have a typical life range from 25,000 up to 50,000 miles.

One thing you have to consider when shopping around for replacement wheels is your car’s lug nut bolt pattern. This is the amount and pattern of lug nuts that keep the wheels securely fastened to the wheel hubs. Not all wheels fit all cars, be weary of your cars lug nut pattern when looking online for a set of wheels. Your owner’s manual generally holds this information but if you happen to misplace the manual, our Service Center representatives can easily obtain this information for you through our database.

When choosing new wheels San Diego car service experts will always tell you that the strength, reliability, and weight of the wheel are most important. Steel wheels are recommended however people find them to not be as stylish as aluminum wheels which can be more expensive. Depending on the wheels you choose you’ll have a variety of tire options to fit that specific wheel size. While in the market for new tires you will have to set your priorities based upon your personal budget. Do you want stylish or do you want functional? If you are not sure what you want then be sure to ask one of our experts for their recommendation.

If you just need to replace one or two tires and are not ready to buy an entire new set, pay attention to your car wheels’ original width and diameter. Finding replacement tires shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know the basics like size and type. All-weather tires are common choices since they give the best value for money and offer excellent traction in any weather condition.

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