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4 Ways to Get Discounts on New Tire Purchases

Tips for San Diego drivers to get discounts on new tire purchases

New tires are essential for cars with a lot of wear on the rubber, but you also want to ensure you get the best deal on tires you purchase. When you purchase new tires, you do not have to go with the cheapest option to find the best discounts. If you use the tips we’ve provided, you are likely to find high-quality tires, and features that will last longer on the road.

Instead of purchasing the cheapest tires without any research, check out these tips to find the best quality, and most affordable tires for your budget:

1. Package Deals: Buy 2, Get 2 Free OR Buy 3, Get 1 Tire Deals

When you purchase a whole set of tires, you often do not need to pay for each individual tire. Package deals give you the opportunity to buy a set of front or back tires and get the other tires free. Tire service centers will typically have a set range of tires available for the promotion. Car tires come in a wide range of sizes, so buying early during the sale time frame is important to get the best inventory.

Even if a location doesn’t have your tire size in stock, you may have the opportunity to order the proper size and have the sale price applied. The tire deal may also only apply if you purchase the installation package. In other words, you cannot just purchase tires and take them home.

In most cases, you will want the installation package anyway. The installation package at Evans Tire & Service Centers includes balancing, valve stems, and a service agreement that covers the life of the tire!

2. Tire Rebates

While tire shops will have their own sales, you can also take advantage of big discounts directly from tire manufacturers. As you shop for new tires, investigate rebates available from some of the name brand tire companies. The rebates will typically have specific guidelines that govern their tire purchases.

For example, you may get a cashback rebate when you purchase specific tires or a set quantity like a set of four tires. Some rebates are included automatically with the purchase price while others will come in the mail after several weeks. Even if the rebate is delayed, the savings apply.

To qualify for a rebate, you often must fill out a form and send in a copy of your receipt. Some rebates are done through the mail while others rely on online forms for faster processing. Ideally, you want to set calendar reminders so you can check the status of your rebate if it takes multiple weeks to process.

3. Credit Card Offers

If you choose to seek financing for your tire purchase, consider various credit card offers available. New credit card users may have cashback opportunities along with no-interest payments for tire purchases. One of the options is to consider a credit plan with a tire service center directly.

When you have a credit card with a tire service location, you can use the card for all the services and a variety of tire companies. You can often apply right at the tire shop or see if you are approved before you pay for your tire service needs.

Many tire manufacturers also offer direct credit card options. The direct credit cards could feature additional rebates, account statement credits, and promotional offers. Consider all your options before you apply.

4. Free Add-On Options

In some cases, you may pay the retail price for tires but could get free or discounted services to go with the tire. For example, a tire and installation package could include a free road hazard warranty. This means that if your tire runs over sticks, rocks, glass, or nails that puncture the tire, then your repairs and replacement are free.

A lifetime balance package may include reduced cost or free tire balancing to ensure your tires wear down evenly and your tires are properly maintained until another replacement is needed.

Check out all our tire sales and discounts available at Evans Tire & Service Centers. We will help you find the best discounts available and provide you with top quality service.

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