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How to Help Your Brakes Last Longer

Brake pedal in an automatic transmission vehicle. Brakes can be expertly serviced by Evans Tire and Service Centers.

A good set of brakes can help keep you, your passengers, and your car safe on the road. However, brake parts do not last forever.

Your car brakes can last from 25,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and other factors. Fortunately, you have several ways to extend the life of your brakes and maintain their functionality.

Below are a few things you can do to extend the life of your brakes.

Slow Down

In a vehicle’s braking system, the most critical cause of premature brake wear is a complete stop after traveling at high speed. In general, the faster you drive, the more effort your car’s braking system will have to put forth to stop.

Brake pads also produce heat as a result of the conversion of energy. When you stop a fast-moving car, you generate a lot of extra heat on the brake pads, which prematurely wear the brakes out. High heat can also warp brake rotors, causing more significant damage to brake systems.

Use One Foot for the Brakes

Drivers of automatic transmission vehicles may opt to use one foot for each pedal. The practice is two footing or brake riding. Initially, assigning each foot to a pedal may seem logical. However, brake riding can lead to premature rotor and pad wear.

Two-footed drivers habitually tap their brake pedals before they have entirely released the throttle. As a result, the drivers direct the vehicle to stop and go at the same time, causing friction between brake pads and rotors to increase.

In addition, panicked drivers may slam both pedals simultaneously, which can lead to accidents.

Make the Car as Light as Possible

Most vehicle owners do not keep a lot of heavy things in their vehicles. But if you constantly load up your vehicle, the car can become very heavy. Excess weight on your vehicle puts extra pressure on your brakes. Consequently, the brakes will need to work harder to stop the vehicle. As a result, brake pads could wear out faster.

Therefore, only carry essentials in your car to make the job easier for the car, the brakes, and the tires.

Nevertheless, the weight does not apply only to what you have inside the car. Other modifications, such as aftermarket stereos, wheels, and body panels, can also make your car heavier.

Flush the Brake Fluid

Brake fluid attracts moisture. The moisture in your brakes can boil during repeated braking, resulting in a decrease in braking power. Moisture can also cause rusting and corrosion of metallic brake parts.

Therefore, flush your brake fluid regularly. As a result, your brake components will last longer and function more effectively.

Your driving habits, the quality of your brake fluid, and your vehicle will all play a role in how often you need to flush the brake fluid.

Try Engine Braking

Engine braking is useful if you drive a manual transmission car or an automatic with a gear change mode. Engine braking uses the transmission to downshift gears and slow the vehicle down rather than relying entirely on the brakes. To use engine braking, all you have to do is release both the clutch and accelerator pedals.

In addition to prolonging the life of the brake pads, engine braking gives the driver better vehicle control. Nevertheless, deceleration is dependent on the speed, the inclination of the surface, and your gear selection.

Additionally, your deceleration will be slower if you only use engine braking. So, keep a safe distance between you and the objects ahead.

These practices could save you a lot of money on costly brake repairs. Get in touch with us if you notice signs of brake wear or simply wish to inspect your brakes.

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