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Keep Your Car in Top Shape with Preventative Care

The end of summer is the perfect time to catch up on your vehicle’s maintenance. Winter is a particularly difficult season for automobiles–even in Southern California, cooler temperatures and driving rains can stress everything from the engine to your wiper blades and tires. San Diego based auto shop Evans Tire & Service Center is the perfect place to bring your car in for preventative service. Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your car before bringing it to the professionals. Regular check-ups and these preventative tips will keep your ride performing smoothly:

service engine

1. Check Your Oil

Check your oil levels, and make sure to have it changed regularly. Murky, dirty oil can cause engine damage, and will inhibit your car’s performance. For example, if you find muddy oil after a recent oil change, it probably means your engine is not performing as it should.


2. Replace Wiper Blades

Don’t wait until your windshield is a streaky mess before changing your wiper blades. Changing your blades is inexpensive and easy, and will save you a great deal of hassle down the line.


3. Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that are dirty or covered in residue can also signal engine trouble. If your engine isn’t performing effectively, this can lead to fuel loss or even a breakdown. While it may seem daunting, changing your spark plugs isn’t that difficult. A professional auto team can do it simply and effectively.


4. Rotate Your Tires

Having your tires rotated and aligned regularly will ensure that they wear evenly. If you notice any cracks, bumps, or bulges in the sidewalls, it might be time to replace your tires. San Diego residents are welcome to come to the friendly team at any of our local Evans Tire & Service Centers for all their automotive needs.


The end of summer is a perfect time to have regular maintenance performed on your vehicle. Gear up for the months ahead by making sure your car is ready to face anything!

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