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4 Ways That Shopping for Tires Is Like Shopping for Shoes

Tire Shopping is like Shoe Shopping

For many people, shopping for tires isn’t the most exciting and stimulating of jobs. However, if you own a car and you want to stay safe on the road, then at some point this will be a necessary task. Even if you’d much rather be shopping for something else, it’s worth putting the research, time, and effort into making sure that you get the right tires for your car.

If you’re not a car enthusiast, choosing the right tires from the vast and somewhat daunting array of tires that are available on the market may seem difficult. Yet, in many ways, shopping for the perfect tires isn’t all that different from shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. Here are four ways that shopping for tires is similar to shopping for shoes.

1. They Need to Fit Properly

When buying shoes, getting the right fit is vital. If they’re too small, too big, too wide, or too narrow, you’ll end up with sore feet, blisters, and may even cause yourself some injury. The same concerns are also true when finding the right tires for your car.

The wrong size tire can undermine the safety of your car in a few different ways. Tires that are too tall for your car can cause instability and increase the likelihood of a rollover. Tires that are too thin may be insufficient to safely bear the weight of your car, and if they’re too thick they may interfere with your car’s steering or braking ability.

2. They Need the Right Tread

When buying shoes, the right tread is important and directly relevant to the function that they need to fulfill. Running shoes, hiking boots, or summer sandals all need to provide the perfect amount of grip and slip-resistance for the conditions you’ll be wearing them in. This theory is equally relevant when buying new tires.

Your tire’s tread is the only thing that connects your car to the road and is vital to ensure safe levels of traction and handling. The tires you opt for should be optimal for the conditions you most commonly drive in and will vary depending on whether you drive on suburban streets, highways, or country roads most frequently.

3. They Need to Be Good Quality

If you’ve ever bought a pair of cheap shoes only to have a heel break off or the fabric rip after only a few times wearing them, then you’ll understand that cheaper isn’t always the best option. Spending a little more on better quality shoes will ensure they last for longer and are more comfortable to wear.

When it comes to tires, the same concept holds true. Cheaper tires might seem like a bargain, but they will wear out faster and will provide an inferior driving and handling experience. Unlike shoes, cheaper tires may also negatively impact your ability to get out of dangerous driving situations due to slower braking times and decreased vehicle control.

4. They Need to Look Good

It’s often been said that a great pair of shoes can make a $20 outfit look like an expensive designer outfit. Like shoes, good quality and well-presented tires can make a big difference to your car’s aesthetic appeal and can also add value if you decide to sell it.

Even if your car isn’t a top-of-the-line sports car, attractive and high-quality tires can elevate your car from shabby to chic. The wheels are important too, so upgrading them to a more modern and polished style is like giving your car a makeover. Buying new wheels along with your new tires is a great option because you can generally get tire and wheel packages that represent great value for money.

Unless you’re buying a pair of Christian Louboutins, the big difference between shopping for shoes and shopping for tires is the financial investment involved. Tires are a significant purchase and finding the ideal set for your car is an important decision both in terms of money and your safety on the road.

Getting the right advice on which tires will be the best fit for your car and will best suit the conditions you most regular drive in is vital. You’ll get the best advice and the widest range of tires if you purchase your new tires from a business that specializes in the supply and installation of tires and wheels.

With over 40 years of experience in the tire trade, the professionals at your Evan’s Tires and Service Center can assist you. You can find their nearest location via the website. The knowledgeable staff will help you to find the best value tires for your budget. They can also ensure that your tires are professionally fitted and that the wheels are correctly aligned so that you get optimal performance for as long as possible.

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