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The Electric Lifestyle – Electric Car Battery or Gas Fueled Engines?

Electric Car Charging Station image

We are a plug n’ play generation, so why shouldn’t our cars be the same? Car companies have made huge strides in battery-powered transportation. No need for gas, steam, or cranking. But is the technology up to par or is it a hindrance?

Let’s Talk Technology

Hybrid: This automobile operates on a tandem electric and combustion system. The car battery helps to extend the miles-per-gallon. Hybrids get better highway mileage, making them ideal for those with long commutes. Since the hybrid still has a combustion engine, it requires the same maintenance as a traditional gas-powered car; however, maintenance is required less frequently.

Plug-In Hybrid: Electricity powers this vehicle, while gas helps regenerate power. As it says in the name, these hybrids have the ability to gain power from a charging station. If you want to give plug-in vehicles a try, this type of rechargeable vehicle may be a good stepping-stone before committing to a fully electric vehicle. As with the regular hybrid, this automobile will require typical car maintenance, but with much less frequency.

All-Electric: If you’re ready to cut off the gas line completely, then this is the way to go. Electric cars run on car battery power alone. Many areas are starting to offer alternative fuel stations throughout the country, but as long as you have a socket, you can charge your vehicle. With significantly fewer moving parts, maintenance for this type of automobile is nearly unheard of. The biggest concern is replacing the battery several years down the road.

Pump VS Socket 

Does it make enough of a difference to cut all ties with fossil fuel? According to research, electric vehicles are 60 percent more fuel efficient than today’s combustion engines and result in a 30 percent decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. That, coupled with the reduced maintenance cost, which some manufacturers say will save you over $4,000 a year in gas, make the rechargeable cars the smart buy. If you live in sunny San Diego, you’ll have access to nearly as many charging stations as there are gas stations.


While the upfront cost of a power-driven car can put a huge dent in your wallet, that chunk will replenish over time with the money you’ll save in automobile servicing alone. According to most, your lithium-ion car battery will have to be replaced after seven years. This component can range from $7,000 to $15,000, but wait! Don’t run off just yet. Add up all the savings from gas, oil changes, battery replacements, broken parts, and routine checkups, and you’re likely still coming out on top.

In the Event of An Emergency 

Another commonality between the fossil-fueled automobile and these electric vehicles is what happens when they stop running. With any luck, if you’re car battery is running low, you’ll be near a socket somewhere. If not, then you’d do much the same thing that you would if you were in a conventionally fueled automobile. You would have to call a tow truck and have them bring you to the nearest charging station. The best thing to do is to make sure to plan every stop, take into account the weather, and always take the time to stop, if you have the opportunity.

The Run Down 

Electric vehicles are a big step to take, but, if you’re willing to get your feet wet, you’ll find they more than make up for their flaws. The plug-in automobile is making big waves, passing up their fossil fuel counterparts in safety, efficiency, and cost of ownership. If you’re eager to learn more about plug-in vehicles or want to celebrate the one you have, check out National Electric Vehicle Day in San Diego.

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