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The Elio 3-Wheeled Car is Coming to California

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The Elio 3-wheeled car offers several industry improvements to American-made cars. The Elio car is capable of driving 84-miles per gallon. Elio Motors focuses on aerodynamics, size, and fuel economy. With its compact structure, you can finally say goodbye to San Diego’s parking problems! Convenience is only the beginning of this car’s benefits. What else does the Elio provide?

Engine and Speed

The Elio uses a gas-powered powertrain and a 70 horsepower 1-liter 3-cylinder engine. This means that the Elio uses gasoline to generate 70 horsepower, or 52220 watts, of energy while in gear. Compared to other cars, these stats seem incredibly weak at first glance. Though this car isn’t marketed for speed-junkies, the Elio can still reach up to 100 mph and hit 60 mph in 9.6 seconds with its streamlined frame, small size, and few parts.


Priced at $6800, the Elio is half the cost of the cheapest car in America and less expensive than a golf cart. Elio Motors was able to achieve this by using a gas-powered powertrain engine instead of popular and expensive electric engines. Elio Motors used a variety of engineering methods to redesign proven technology for maximum efficiency. They cut down on unnecessary bulk, even going so far as to redesign the windshield-wiper fluid bottle. Think about it, three tires cost less than four. Check the Evans Tire website or Facebook page to see if we are currently running our buy-one-get-one-free tire special, so you can replace the tires in your Elio car for a fraction of the regular price. Not only that, but the Elio car uses the lightest yet strongest materials for its frame. The company does not gauge prices with add-ons. Each car comes with radio, air conditioning, heater, defroster, power windows, and many common car features.

We all know how expensive it is to live in San Diego, where the price of gas is much higher than the nation’s average. At 84 miles-per-gallon, Elio Motors estimates that its cars will save the average driver $1500 a year on fuel alone. The company also plans on reopening the General Motors plant in Shreveport, LA, adding thousands of jobs to the area and boosting the economy.


A car weighing a mere 1200 lbs. sounds great for efficiency, but it doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the driver’s safety. A common and important question often asked is how can such a lightweight car protect the driver in case of a high-speed collision? Elio Motors predicts that its cars will achieve a 5-star safety rating. The car includes three airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame, anti-lock braking system, and 50 percent larger crush zones (areas that are designed to crumple, absorbing the energy of the crash) than similar vehicles.

 The Cons

In some states, a three-wheeled car is automatically considered a motorcycle. This means if you wanted to purchase the Elio, you would have to get a motorcycle license in these states. However, Elio Motors is working with the legislature to pass HB218, which will allow the Elio exemption from motorcycle laws. There is also the issue of the car’s size for large men. Can a 6’7″ man drive in such a small car? Elio Motors assures us that 95% of men can fit in the car, though how comfortable it would be is still up in the air.

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