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The Items You Need In Case of a Car Emergency

Emergency Car Maintenance Kit Image, San Diego Car Maintenance, Evans Tire & Service Centers

If you are a resident of San Diego, or anywhere in Southern California, chances are that you frequently drive. While performing routine car maintenance helps you avoid mechanical trouble, there are times when external factors or random events can present unpleasant surprises, like failed tires or overheated engines. These are difficult to plan for, which is why storing essential emergency items in your vehicle is crucial for your safety. Proper preparations can save you time, money, and effort whenever something arises. This piece will take a look at what items you should have available.

For Multiple Purposes

Cars have numerous moving pieces and parts, which is why keeping a multi-tool in your car is advisable. Multi-tools provide easy access to multiple tools without taking up unnecessary space in your vehicle. These tools typically include a screwdriver, pliers, a wire cutter, electrical crimpers, a knife, a flashlight, and an ice scraper. Not every multi-tool has the same features, so find one that can help with the various aspects of your car.

It is also a great idea to bring cardboard, carpet, or cat litter for the purpose of getting your vehicle out of a no traction area like wet grass, mud, or potholes. These items will assist your tires in gaining traction. Furthermore, make sure to have flares or reflective triangles to alert other drivers on the road that you are present. A window sun guard is also helpful to keep the temperature in your vehicle down when stranded for an extended period.

Some clothing items to consider are a raincoat, gloves, rags, and an extra change of clothes. If weather conditions are poor, staying dry and having a clean set of clothing will help with your comfort.

Also, a weather radio is useful to stay abreast of incoming weather issues, news alerts, and other pertinent information.

For Tire Issues

A flat, punctured, or blown out tire can be dangerous for your personal safety and for your vehicle. While doing routine car maintenance, checking your tire’s condition and air pressure will help prevent issues while driving. If you find yourself in a perilous situation, having a working jack, pressure gauge, a spare tire/donut, portable compressor, and tire sealant will help you get to a safer location. The gauge will determine if you have adequate air pressure to avoid further issues. The sealant will help you in the instance of a small puncture or hole.

For Engine Issues

One essential for safe driving is battery cables, if you need to jump your battery from another vehicle. Additionally, you should have bottles of motor oil (for an oil change), transmission fluid (to help the gear shift), antifreeze (to help cool your engine), and brake fluid (to keep your brakes from locking up). Water is essential not only for hydration, but also for slowly pouring on the engine in the instance of overheating.

While San Diego weather conditions are not as harsh on vehicles as other areas, there is still a risk of you and your car running into problems. On top of regular car maintenance, always be prepared by storing these items in your vehicle.

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