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Three Reasons Not to Skip Your 90K Car Service Change in 2013

Exactly what goes on during the 90k service change can vary from one vehicle to another, since vehicle systems can have significant differences across makes and models. Typically, most cars have maintenance schedules printed on their owner manuals that should point out specific intervals for essential tasks like fluid changes, tire rotations, battery checks, etc. Skipping an oil change is not a wise idea. Missing a battery check won’t always get you in trouble, however preventative maintenance is always cheaper than repair work. But skipping your 90k scheduled maintenance could have very big and negative consequences.


Brake Failure Is Never A Good Thing

In some instances, dangerous vehicle defects are only discovered during routine inspections. Issues with the brakes, for instance, may actually require a brake disc or master cylinder replacement rather than just a simple brake bleeding or fluid replacement. Brake failure can undoubtedly lead to deadly accidents on the road, especially along main roads or highways that handle high volumes of traffic. All 90K maintenance service checks call for a thorough break inspection for this particular reason.


Cost Efficiency

There is no denying that 90k maintenance can be pricey; but the cost more than offsets future expenses that become necessary as a result of poor vehicle maintenance. For example, if you’re wheels fall off and your car goes sliding into a nearby ice cream parlor, you can expect the expense of that accident to be thousands more than a service change. Extreme example perhaps, but it gets our point across.



A properly maintained vehicle can last beyond the expected service life of a typical car, which is around eight years or 150,000 miles, as predicted by reputable organizations like Consumer Reports. It’s also estimated that the total operating expenses of the average car for five years can amount to the price of a brand-new car. To summarize, you can save yourself an extensive amount of money by taking good care of your ride.

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