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Visit a San Diego Tires, Wheels, and Auto Service Center for Car Maintenance

Before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you need to have it checked out by a reliable San Diego mechanic to make sure it’s good to drive. This includes a thorough inspection of the vehicle from the engine, right down to the tires. In fact, the first problem new owners experience after purchasing a used vehicle is often times related to the tires rather than the engine.

Imagine the scenario where you have just purchased the car of your dreams from the previous owner on Craigslist. You’ve only had the car one week and so far you love your new ride. Then, one day while you’re driving to work, you hear a loud “pop”, you car jolts, and you begin to lose control of the car. After slowing down you pull over to the side of the road only to discover one of your tires blew out. This scenario is not only dangerous to your passengers and yourself but also to other drivers on the road. Fortunately, as a preventative measure, we’ve come up with a list of the three best ways to avoid a tire blowout.

3 Ways to Avoid A Tired Blowout

1). Aside from tire quality, ensure that all tires in your vehicle have a proper amount of air pressure. Too much air pressure can cause your tires to blowout and low pressure could considerably wear out the exterior of your tires. Follow the required tire pressure as indicated in the car driver’s manual or the sticker on the inside of your doors.

2). Have your tires rotated on a regular basis in a San Diego tires and wheels service center so the tread won’t deteriorate faster than expected. Since some sections of the vehicle carry more weight than the others, it’s advisable to rotate your tires to equalize and maximize tire usage. You can move the front tires to the back or transfer those on the left to the right side.

3). Bring your car to a service center for wheel balancing and wheel alignment. Unbalanced tires can cause a domino effect of problems, such as vehicle vibration. Believe it or not vehicle vibration is directly linked to driver fatigue. We all know that driving while you are tired is never a good thing. Meanwhile, improperly aligned tires can also seriously affect your braking system.

Avoiding a tire blowout is really quite simple. Just remember to occasionally check the air pressure of your tires from time to time. You should also check the air pressure before traveling long distances, and on the occasion remember to visit a San Diego auto repair shop for a rotation and alignment check. If you visit Evans Tires we will be sure to provide you the best price and service in town!

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