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Want Better Gas Mileage? Here’s How!

Today, gas economy is on every driver’s mind. Rising gas prices and the environmental effects of the consumption of gasoline are two major reasons every driver should be concerned about getting better gas mileage. By changing air filters often, getting your front end aligned, and properly maintaining tires, San Diego residents can spend less on gas. Take a look at these helpful tips to get better fuel economy.

Drive Smart

Aggressive drivers pay more for gas. The more abrupt braking, speeding, and rapid accelerating taking place, the more you are wasting gas. Maintaining a more consistent speed is a great way to get better gas mileage – especially if you are regularly driving on the highway.

Check Your Tire Pressure

If you want better gas mileage, you’d better check your tires. San Diego drivers can benefit greatly from making sure their tires are properly inflated. Buy a digital pressure gauge, and make it a habit to start checking your pressure to ensure it is at recommended levels before you hit the road.

Change Your Filters

Dirty air filters are another main contributor to poor gas mileage. Clogged filters don’t do their job. They can cause damage to your engine and increase your fuel usage drastically. Make sure to change your filters whenever changing your oil. If you are regularly driving in dirty conditions, you may want to consider changing them more frequently and earlier.

Stop Speeding

Speeding can be dangerous, put a dent in your wallet, and even be bad for your car’s tires. San Diego commuters know that getting around town during rush hour can be frustrating, but maintaining the speed limit and reducing stop and go driving can save you gas and cash. It is recommended that drivers maintain speeds just below 60 MPH if possible on the highway. Doing so can save you hundreds per year on gas.

It’s important to get regular check ups and to drive carefully simply for the safety of you and your vehicle. However, these changes will also contribute to better gas mileage. Just follow these tips and you’ll see a big difference in your budget!

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