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What Causes an Air Bubble in a Car Tire?

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Have you ever noticed an irregular bulge coming from the side of your tires? Often referred to as a “bubble,” this safety hazard should not be ignored. Bubbles occur in the sidewall of your tire and may appear as a rounded, protruding lump. If you’ve noticed your tires showing signs of bubbling, be sure to address the cause and work directly with a tire service professional.

 Have you wondered what leads to those nagging bubbles in your tires? It boils down to a few simple facts. Above all else, maintenance is at the core of handling bubbling tires. Tire air pressure should be checked weekly. This entails adding additional air or releasing air to keep them in good shape and prevent damage. In addition, vehicle owners should do a visual inspection to find signs of road damage or air bubbles in their tires. San Diego car owners can rely on Evans Tire & Service Centers for tire recommendations when problems are found. Learn more about these mysterious air bubbles and what causes them.


 Tires are compiled of many rubber layers and plies. Rubber layers keep the air inside while plies are made of polyester cords that provide strength, shape, and structure.

 All layers are then cemented with bonding materials. When any of these layers are weakened it may cause a layer separation. At the weak point, air passes through the layers to the outer layer and forms an air bubble in the sidewall or tread.

 Bubbles may be the result of manufacturing defects, road hazards or under-inflated tires. San Diego roads are heavily trafficked and can have potholes and road debris. Always try to avoid them and keep tires inflated properly.


 The bubble on the outside is an indication that the inside structure is failing. Once this occurs, it can continue to get worse and often increases the size of the bubble. This kind of situation can be dangerous. Hitting a simple thing like a speed bump could cause further damage or an accident. In some cases, this means a complete tire blowout.


 Since this type of damage cannot be repaired, it’s critical to take all preventative measures. This issue is often avoidable and any car owner should realize that preventing a bubble is more cost-effective and simple than replacing tires.

 You have so much to get done in one day, never mind take your tires in for maintenance. But, you will be grateful in the long run if you take care of this issue through regular tire checks. Aside from these key indicators of bubbling in your tires, always keep in mind general road safety.

 If you’re one of many that needs replacement tires, the ASE certified technicians at Evans Tire & Service Centers will work with you to find the best possible deal. Examine your car regularly and rely on the experts at San Diego’s Evans Tire & Service Centers to keep your car in top condition.

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