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What You Need To Know About Car Battery Health

We all have busy lifestyles, which means that vehicle maintenance is often put off or sometimes skipped. We also all know how scary it feels to start a car when the battery won’t turn over. It could easily be avoided with a little maintenance or a quick stop at your nearby automotive service center. Keep car batteries working with these tips and avoid breakdowns:


 Batteries usually have a lifespan of about four years if conditions are normal. This assumes that they are not exposed to extreme heat or cold weather, are attached to a good alternator, and have complete charging cycles. Luckily weather-wise, we have a fairly temperate climate here in San Diego.

The condition of the battery can also be affected by how you drive your vehicle. Short drives do not fully charge the system, and they corrode the battery’s plates. Additionally, if your battery is not properly secured, it can be damaged while driving.

 To optimize the life of your car battery and keep it in good condition, keep your car away from the extreme cold or heat. To help, park your vehicle in your garage or under a carport. Have your car’s alternator and the security of the battery checked regularly, like when you have your oil changed.

Diagnosing Battery Issues

Having trouble starting your car or hearing a clicking noise when starting it up? Are the electrical components of your car, like the radio and horn, not working? An aging or corroded battery may be to blame.

The first thing we always recommend checking when troubleshooting is the age of the battery, which is usually posted on the top of the lid. If it’s three or more years old, it may be time to have it replaced. Those that aren’t cranking over smoothly could require the attention of an automotive service center, like Evans Tire & Service Centers.

Other upkeep includes checking the battery terminals for stains and signs of corrosion. A solution made up of water and baking soda, applied when the car is turned off, works well to remove any stains if you see them. Make sure to wear safety glasses and protective gloves when cleaning cables, though. If your terminal cables are very old (over 7 years), they should be replaced. If you notice a rotten egg smell coming from the battery, this is another indication of a failing, corroded system that will need to be replaced.

Getting Expert Advice

The best thing to do when a battery seems to be failing is to have it tested. Most of us don’t have all the tools and testers of an auto shop at home. The professionals at Evans Tire & Service Centers are well equipped to handle the job. They are open seven days a week to make sure you’re taken care of. They also have a large stock of batteries, tires, brakes, struts, shocks, and wheels. In addition, they offer expert car maintenance.

We rely on our cars to get us where we need to go. They can’t do that for us if we don’t take care of them. Proper battery maintenance plays a huge role in that. Make sure to pay attention to your car and take action when something seems off. Taking proper care of your car battery not only keeps you safe, but also ensures that you’ll always be able to get around reliably. Don’t wait for the situation to get dangerous. Be proactive and take the first step today!

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