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When’s the Best Time to Invest in New Tires? 5 Factors

You may know the best time of year to shop for new electronics, cars, or high-quality shoes, but what about tires? Like many items that you buy periodically instead of routinely, you may be able to find your ideal tires at the best price if you know when to shop. Unlike some of these items, however, smart tire buying isn’t necessarily confined to a single month or season.

In this blog, we list five of the factors that affect tire prices and availability as well as the urgency of tire replacement.

  1. Current Tire Condition

The most important factor in the decision to buy new tires should always be the performance and condition of your current set. You may be able to buy tires before you need them and store them until it’s time for a change, but you should never hold off on buying tires because you’re anticipating a future sale.

You should replace your tires when the tread begins to wear out, the sidewall begins to crack, or the tires become too old. Learn how to check your tread in our previous blog, “Do Your Tires Pass the Penny Test? What You Need to Know About Tread Depth.” Neglecting to replace your tires once the tread wears out could make driving dangerous and even result in fines.

When considering your tires’ age, remember that most tires last around five years with regular driving. With excellent maintenance, some tires can last as long as 10 years, but you should acknowledge that possibility of needing replacement tires sooner, at the 5-year mark.

  1. Distributor Offers

Who you buy your tires from can be one of the biggest determining factors in your overall costs. Always shop with a reputable distributor, preferably a company like Evans Tire & Service Centers, as we can also install your tires for you once you buy them.

  1. Manufacturer Offers

You may also be able to get a better price for your tires depending on which manufacturer brand you buy. When you begin shopping for tires, ask your distributor if any of the brands they carry have special offers for tire buyers.

With a manufacturer offer, you’re more likely to get a rebate than a discount off of the sale. These purchases can have a higher initial price tag, but the rebate can ensure that you get an excellent price on a brand of tires you know and trust. Click here to view our current rebate offers.

  1. Seasonal Weather

Buying pattern experts, like Consumer Reports and API Service Centers, report that the two best times of year to buy tires are the spring and the fall. Specifically, these buying pattern resources recommend purchasing new tires around April or October.

If you can time your need for new tires so that it aligns with these recommendations, you may see lower overall prices on tires. These yearly lows occur because the distributors anticipate many vehicle owners needing new tires before extreme summer and winter weather conditions arrive.

However, the prices you see locally may depend on your climate. For example, in San Diego, you may see lots of deals on tires in April, but you’re less likely to see tires go on sale in the fall.

  1. Tire Type

In addition to seasonal weather conditions, the type of tire you’re looking for can affect the price. As you may have guessed, summer tires tend to go on sale in the spring, while winter and snow tires generally come with discounts nearer the end of the year.

If you’re looking for seasonal tires, your best bet is to shop for them in the off-season. The lower demand during the off-season means that your tires of choice are more likely to be available and priced more affordably.

If you’re looking for all-season tires, you may not benefit from a large price fluctuation in the off-season. However, it’s better to buy all-season tires during moderate weather conditions because you’re less likely to be competing with other buyers who have also realized that their tires can’t perform in rain or extreme temperatures so your distributor is more likely to have your tires in stock.

Use these factors to ensure that you get tires when you need them and at a great price.

In the market for new tires? Start your search at Evans Tire & Service Centers. We offer buy two, get two free tires every day of the year so you never have to wonder if you’re getting the best possible price. Talk to one of our technicians today to learn more about our available tires that are compatible with your vehicle.

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