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You Might Be Ready For Summer, But Is Your Car Ready?

a man doing summer car maintenance

There’s always lots of talk about “winterizing” your vehicle, but here in San Diego, that’s not really an issue. You probably want to be sure your vehicle is ready for summer, though. This could include everything from changing your battery to checking your tires. San Diego drivers can get their cars ready for the heat with just a few steps.


Cooling System

Temperatures are rising, which means you’ll want to be sure your AC is in tip-top condition. We check your coolant level and make sure your fans are functioning correctly so that you can be confident you’ll get a blast of cold air right when you need it. The compressor belt will also be checked for signs of breakage or excessive wear.



If the pressure in your tires is too low, you’re not getting the best performance out of your vehicle. Handling may be rough and fuel consumption will be too high. Low pressure can also cause a blowout. During a spring check-up we’ll check pressure and do a rotation if you have not had one within about the last 7,500 miles. We’ll recommend an alignment if your vehicle shows signs of uneven wear on the tires. San Diego roads require well-maintained tires for all seasons.



Low fluid levels can cause serious damage to your vehicle. We check the oil and transmission levels, plus make sure there aren’t any worrisome leaks. While we’re at it, we make sure the caps for the radiator and gas caps have a strong seal so you’re not losing any liquids.



No one wants to find themselves stranded, so keeping tabs on your battery charge is important. We’ll make sure you’ve got enough juice to get through the summer.

These are just a few of the services offered at Evans Tire and Service Centers, so feel free to stop by for all of your car needs—not just tires. San Diego drivers can also count on us for brakes jobs, oil changes, shocks/struts replacement, and so much more.

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