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  1. Top 10 Most Common Causes of a Flat Tire

    Most drivers have experienced a flat tire at some point in their lives. If you’ve been in this unfortunate situation, you know the sinking feeling of seeing your vehicle with a flat tire. Blowouts that occur on the road late …

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  2. Guide for Checking Tire Pressure

    We all depend on good car maintenance to keep us safe. Keeping your tires inflated correctly helps to assure fuel efficiency and a smoother ride. Taking care of your tire pressure can be done at home or by a professional, …

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  3. How Often Do You Need A Tire Alignment?

    For many drivers, the topic of wheel alignment might be a bit confusing. Essentially, when your wheels are not properly aligned, your tires may be pointed in the wrong direction. When it is time to align your tires, head down …

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  4. Want Better Gas Mileage? Here’s How!

    Today, gas economy is on every driver’s mind. Rising gas prices and the environmental effects of the consumption of gasoline are two major reasons every driver should be concerned about getting better gas mileage. By changing air filters often, getting …

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